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In most places there are four fairly distinct seasons. In Oklahoma, the differences were quite pronounced, although the variation in temperatures in just one day of one season was often […]

Earth Day 2023

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Today was all about Earth Day. I remember participating in the activities of the very first Earth Dayobservance in 1980. There were tents with games, educational materials, as well as […]


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I’m finding out that a team is more that I have used to thinking it is. As I listen to people talk about teams, I learn new way that can […]


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I learned that yesterday was Bat Appreciation Day. That’s right. And, there are appreciation days for bosses, secretaries, even hairstyles. If you doubt this, here is a site that list […]

My Favorite Movie(s)

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Today, I was challenged to write about my favorite movie. Wait, I can only choose one? Even with as few as I ever see, I have a super hard time […]

The Story of Sweat

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But, first I digress. I’ll bet you didn’t know that today is Big Wind Day. However, I will try to not be long winded. To sweat is to be human, […]

The Best Desert I Ever Ate

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I met a friend for lunch at a secluded golf club and hotel. The only course I remember was desert. Key lime pie was on the menu, and I love […]

Oh, The Places I’ll Go

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I’ve been many places in my life. Here are the ones I remember. Hawaii. Sixty-one years ago I came out for one year and never moved away.Mexico City, London, Paris, […]

5 Reasons I work on weekends

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People are often surprised that some of us work on weekends. Here are some reason I do.1. I enjoy what I do, so it doesn’t seem like work.2. I’m my […]

Sites For A Few Network Marketing Gurus

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Since my gig is network marketing, I have chosen to give you links to some of the people I follow and listen to. 1. Danelle Delgado Forbes Riley […]