Today was all about Earth Day. I remember participating in the activities of the very first Earth Dayobservance in 1980. There were tents with games, educational materials, as well as many people displaying earth-friendly products, especially cleaners.

I am proud to part of a network marketing company that has based it whole business on the idea of products that are in harmony with nature and good health. It was honored with its organic cleaner being chosen as the first official Earth Day cleaner.

Today we are constantly being reminded of the damage we humans have done this this marvelous spinning ball that we live on. Since it is the only place in our universe that human can exist without building an artificial atmosphere, we need to start taking better care of it.

Here are a few simple tips to do your part:

1. Reduce food waste
Take what you want to eat. If you need to throw it out, create a compost pile to create healthy soil.
When you are eating out, ask for a take-out container. Anything you leave will end up in the garbage.

2. Save Paper
When I need to not use office paper that is printed on one side, i use the other for taking notes or printing something else that I need for myself. In the kitchen use bamboo towels which can be washed and reused or old wash cloths instead of paper towels.

3. Save Water
Turn off the water when you brush your teeth, or when you are lathering your body in the tub or shower. Plant native plants for your area; they generally don’t use large amounts of water.

4. Properly recycle
Only clean materials can be recycled, so whatever you put in the recycle bin needs to washed and dried. Use compostable plastic bags if your town has a composter that can handle them properly. A word about plastic. Despite all the assurances and campaigns by plastic manufacturers, plastic can NOT break be recycled. At best, it can be upcycled / re-used to keep it in circulation for as long as possible.

5. Buy environmentally friendly products
There are many companies with environmentally friendly products, but beware of greenwashing by some major companies. I happened to look at one well-known brand of laundry detergent which proudly proclaimed NO PHOSPHATES. So, read the ingredients, and found in tiny print the percentage of phosphate in it.

6. Reduce carbon emissions
One way to do this is if possible drive less and walk more. Instead of driving around a parking lot multiple time to find a close parking space, look for ones on the edge of the lot and walk across to your store. Your body will thank you. The only time not to do this is at night when you are alone.
If an electric vehicle is out of your price range, look for a used one or a use hybrid. I’ve been diving a Prius for a total of 16 years – nine for the first one and seven so far for my current car. I buy gas maybe every other month.

Let me know how you celebrated Earth Day. I gratefully accepted used office furniture from a friend who is moving away. I really needed more office type furniture, and she needed to not pay to have it moved. It was a win-win for both of us!

Get my free information sheet about environmentally friendly cleaners and an organization that removes tons of plastic and other debris from the ocean and makes jewelry, t-shirts, water bottles, and many other items.

Happy Earth Day!

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