I met a friend for lunch at a secluded golf club and hotel. The only course I remember was desert.

Key lime pie was on the menu, and I love key lime pie! I don’t likely extremely sweet foods are very sour. Key lime pie, made well, has just enough of sharpness from to balance the sweetness of the other ingredients.

And this key lime pie was perfection. It was light and delicate, sweet and sour balanced the way I like it. Alas, that gold club went out of business many years ago.

I have dared to order key lime pie two or three times since. Now I don’t bother. Once you have eaten the perfect desert, it’s almost not worth ordering it anywhere else, because it most likely won’t measure up. They are usually thick and heavy.

If I were a baker, I’d try for the perfect pie. Alas, I’m not, so I just savor the memory of that most perfect key lime I’ve eaten.

Tell me about your favorite desert in the comments.

Key lime pie with key lime background. Please see my portfolio for other food and drink images.

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