Today, I was challenged to write about my favorite movie. Wait, I can only choose one? Even with as few as I ever see, I have a super hard time choosing just one. But, here goes.

I will have to go with Avatar: The Way of Water. I love the original Avatar as well, but this one has such beautiful effects and an engaging plot with a real bad guy and a good guy with flaws. The people who have adapted to living in water are unique in appearance.

The story deals with similar looking people with one obvious difference: the family fleeing danger on land have tails to help with flying and must learn to stay underwater for long periods of time without surfacing for air.

The water people are suspicious of the land people with tails and their reason for asking to become a part of their community. I won’t ruin it by giving away the rest of the story. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

A short list of some other favorites:

Erin Brokovich, Being There, any of the Monty Python movies, Pink Panther, The In-Laws (with Alan Arkin and Peter Falk), and on and on.

I hope your share a few of your favorite movies in the comments.

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