Stork stalking and lazy recruiting. What could these two things possibly have to do with each other? 

Let me tell this story first, and maybe you’ll see. 

In European countries, the stork is protected and allowed to build nests pretty much wherever they wish. Stork’s nests are big and heavy, so if a roof is too weak for a nest to sit safely, a support structure is built to accommodate it. 

In the town of Breisnach, Germany, on our way to the Black Forrest our guide pointed out a stork’s nest high up on a roof. It belongs to Hans, the naughty stork. Hans’ problem is that in addition to the usual next-building materials of sticks and other vegetation, Hans has a taste for the finer things of life.  

In short, Hans loves underwear, so much so that he steals it from people’s clothes lines to pu in his nest. “What’s the problem with that besides thievery?” you might think. The real problem is that when it rains the underwear becomes saturated, and any chicks in the nest drown.  

So, to keep the chicks safe, the town installed a camera to monitor Hans’ nest. When a stork stalker spots underwear in the nest, someone climbs up a ladder to the roof and removes the underwear. Storks start breeding around their fourth year and live between 34-39 years. We weren’t told how old Hans is or if he has imparted his thieving ways to his young. 

I’m going to liken Hans’ love of comfort with a technique used by some network recruiters. It’s called proselytizing or recruiting distributors from another person or company’s downline. And yes, there are people who manage to get their hands on a company’s membership list and call in hopes of luring someone to switch companies.  

It seems lazy to me because such a person is looking for comfortable recruiting. These people already believe in network marketing, so the hard work of helping someone see the value of this type of business has already been done by someone else.  

Is honest recruiting of identifying people to talk to acually make the contacts and presentations hard work? Yes, indeed. I learned an brilliant opening sentence from Big Al Schreiter. If you’re lazy, you will want me to tell you what it is and which book it is from, so I’m going to let you find it. 

Now, go out there and meet new people, develop connections with them, and most of all, listen for need and wants. It’s the only thing that works. 

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Happy honest recruiting. 

All they have to do is convince them that something is better with the company being offered to them, such as better payouts, offers to put people under you, burn fat while you sleep, and on and on. What a lazy is counting on is that the prospect won’t do the hard work of vetting the new company to see if the claims can be proved. 


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