There are many ideas about how to reduce crime, such as community policing, better training for police, gun control and reducing poverty.

The author of an article posted on Facebook  suggests that one of the most important factors was not on the list, and that is nutrition. This belief is backed by science and the rapper Common. Yes, the rapper Common, speaking specifically about high rates of gun violence in Chicago.

One of the reasons most schools serve free breakfast and maybe lunch as well is that children’s brains don’t work well when they are hungry. They have trouble controlling their impulses and  frequently cause disruptions in class or even act out violently.

The researchers found that people who experienced frequent hunger were more likely to commit violence. You can read the research here.

One prison warden decided to see if better nutrition might make a difference in inmates’ behavior. After several months of including  more fruit and vegetables in prison meals, disruptive behavior and violence was significantly reduced.

One of my goals in building a successful business is to have the money to fund urban gardens, provide nutrition education for poor families,  encourage eating local produce and other products, and help  both schools and prisons make the food served there is fresh and nutritious.

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